Meet Linnay Minnard, Online MSN/MBA Grad

As a child, Linnay Minnard dreamt of becoming a teacher. That is until her mother took her to work. Linnay’s mother was a nurse and wanted Linnay to follow in her footsteps, but it wasn’t until Linnay saw firsthand what her mother did at work that she changed her career goals. “My mother brought me with her to work, and I fell in love with nursing,” Minnard explained. “Now, I am so happy I went into the profession.”

Linnay’s early education and career.

Upon graduation from high school, Linnay pursued her Associate’s Degree in Nursing at Kalamazoo Community College; she then enrolled at Spring Arbor University’s Kalamazoo site and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Linnay worked in surgical services for seven years, including sterile processing filling in and eventually surgery after getting her nursing degree. Then she served as a clinical coordinator on an orthopedic/neurological floor for five years.

A clinical director in the making.

In August 2012, Minnard started her MSN/MBA dual degree with a concentration in management at Spring Arbor University Online. Her goals included obtaining the business acumen that nurses need to lead in complex health care systems. While earning her MSN/MBA degree online, Linnay was offered a pending position as Clinical Director at Metro Hospital in Grand Rapids. Metro also awarded Minnard employer assistance to use toward her education at Spring Arbor University Online.

A dream comes full circle.

Today, Linnay continues her work as a clinical director at Metro Hospital in Grand Rapids, where she is responsible for a 36-bed unit and everything this responsibility entails. (See below.) She also teaches the Leadership and Business Ethics course in the Spring Arbor University MBA program. When asked if she ever missed her clinical responsibilities, Linnay replied, “Some days, but I love my job; I get to take a care of my staff so that they can take better care of patients. I also get to teach. It’s very rewarding.”

A day in the life of Linnay.

Linnay oversees a staff of clinical coordinators, RNs, clinical secretaries and patient care technicians. Minnard reports to the Executive Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer. As a clinical director, Linnay is responsible for administrative, operational, and quality management. This includes the collaboration and coordination of department activities among all hospital departments and the medical staff, and the planning, directing and evaluating of services to ensure safe and competent care to patients. When asked what part faith played in her role, Linnay replied, “In nursing, it is important to have a strong faith background. Faith gives patients peace of mind. Also, after a bad day, it helps to know that there is a higher power taking care of the patient and the family; knowing that God is there helps me leave some stuff at work.”

Linnay’s advice to prospective MSN/MBA students.

“Don’t get too overwhelmed when you look at the silibi; take it one week at a time. Make yourself a schedule with tiny deadlines, And, be sure to ask others for help; talk to friends and family and start building a support system.”

About Linnay Minnard.

Linnay Minnard lives outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband, two cats, and two dogs. She volunteers at the Al Van Humane Society and loves to run, fish and camp.