Meet Anna Scott-Ingiosi, Mother, Teacher, SAU Online Grad

Talk about someone who was successful at balancing school, work and parenthood!

Spring Arbor University Online graduate, Anna Scott-Ingiosi, started her Master of Arts in Reading just three days after giving birth to her daughter, Meredith. An elementary and music ed undergraduate, Anna wanted to earn her graduate degree for the same reason many do – to earn more money, enjoy more job security, and to become an expert in her field.

“I knew I needed to get a master’s degree to increase my pay and meet teacher certification requirements,” Anna told us in a recent interview. “But I also chose the Reading program because it was my weakest subject and I wanted to improve.”

Anna didn’t intentionally sign up to start classes three days after her daughter was born. With everything going on, Anna didn’t realize her program started as early as it did.

“I called Spring Arbor to let them know that I had just had a baby and that I may have to postpone the start of the program,” said Anna. To her surprise, Spring Arbor University worked with her to make sure she wouldn’t have to postpone her start date. This support and understanding lasted throughout the length of her program.

Anna reports that she appreciated SAU’s online experience. “I went at my own pace. Everything was online and convenient, which was imperative for me as a new mother,” said Anna. “My professors worked with me to help me find solutions to my struggles. They understood my struggles and were willing to work with me. They also encouraged a family-first mentality, which I really appreciated.”

Anna Scott-Ingiosi graduated from her online Master of Arts in Reading program and now teaches English Language Arts in San Tan Valley, Ariz. She has since given birth to her second child – a boy named Micah. When asked to reflect on how she was able to go to school and care for a new baby, Anna remarked that she couldn’t have done it without the support of her husband. She also learned to be very organized and balanced. She set times to study, times to spend with her family, and times to rest.

Today, she is confident she made the right choice. "I feel like I am better prepared to teach reading, and I know everything I need to know to do it well."

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