The Master’s in Reading Program Prepares Teachers to Become Literacy Advocates

Kathleen Wilcox
Kathleen Wilcox

What is Unique About Spring Arbor’s Master’s in Reading Program?

Within our Master’s in Reading Program, we will equip you with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be excellent literacy teachers. Our program is tailored to MI reading standards with an eye on the new MI Literacy Bill requirements (2016) as well as rigorous k-12 literacy (CCSS) standards across the country.

Our Master’s in Reading prepares you to assist students of various ages improve their literacy skills, which is the foundation for success in education. It offers busy, practicing professionals a convenient, personal and highly doable, completely online program to achieve a Master’s degree.

In addition, our professors are sensitive to students’ unique needs as adult learners who are often juggling many personal and professional responsibilities. Spring Arbor University is a nationally accredited and our online Master’s in Reading program was rated in the top 25 national online reading programs in 2015. We have reciprocity with every state, but you should still contact your state department of education with specific questions.

Once you finish the program, you will be well prepared and eligible to pass the MI (reading specialist) test. Our pass rate on the MI BR Reading Specialist exam exceeds the state of MI average. Many of the courses involve actual partnerships with other teachers and administrators, including collecting and using data to support and solve classroom and school literacy issues. You will also learn effective strategies to identify, diagnose, and provide assistance to students with various reading and writing difficulties.

Why is it Important to Gain Critical Literacy Skills Today?

The recent state mandate requires MI teachers to implement state approved literacy tools and when needed, teachers to create interventions and improvement plans with parents and caregivers. You will be prepared to discuss your students’ literacy strengths and needs with parents and stakeholders and together, determine a plan of action. You will become not only familiar with literacy strategies and tools but gain a deeper knowledge of the benefits and limitations of tools and strategies to make excellent instructional, decisions.

Within the program, you are also prepared to read literacy research critically and implement literacy programs and instructional strategies within classrooms and schools. Our program not only focuses on early literacy skills but also young adult literacy, how to teach writing, measurement and assessment, second language learners, content area literacy and literacy leadership.

Therefore, after completing our program, many students state they are transformed as educators and are much more confident in their instructional decision making. And when opportunities arise, you will be prepared to take on leadership positions, such as a Literacy Coach, Reading Specialist, Title One Teacher and Reading Interventionist.

Thank you for your interest and considering Spring Arbor University for a graduate degree in reading. I look forward to meeting you and our exciting journey together. Let’s get started…

- Kathleen Wilcox Program Director, Master’s in Reading Spring Arbor University

Kathleen Wilcox is the Director of the Master’s in Reading at Spring Arbor University. She has been a full-time faculty member since 2008. Prior to this role, she was an elementary teacher and literacy coach for several years. She is interested in many educational issues, specifically teacher preparation, school-university partnerships, teacher leadership, and issues of culture and diversity within the teaching profession and student populations.