How Does a BSN to MSN Degree Help Prepare Nurse Practitioners?

There is a record number of nurse practitioners today who provide high-quality, compassionate care to those in need — many of whom have lacked adequate access to healthcare for years. The demand for NPs is ever increasing, due in part to the primary care shortage. NPs are also being granted more practice authority and autonomy in many states. The high demand, increasing independence and a high salary are just a few of the benefits NPs enjoy. Even better, nurses can study to become nurse practitioners through a flexible online BSN to MSN program.

Enjoy Better Flexibility

A BSN to MSN online program provides working nurses with the flexibility necessary to succeed both in the program and in personal life. It’s not always practical (or even possible) to quit work or reduce hours to go back to school. Family life, personal life and your need for an income are important. With an online MSN program there’s no need to sacrifice these important aspects of life.

While online programs are flexible, they also heavily depend on students’ time management skills. Students must be able to set aside time for lectures, study and clinicals, and have the self-discipline to follow through with their plans. Time management is a skill that will immensely benefit you in your career as a nurse practitioner.

Arm Yourself With Valuable Experience

Online BSN to MSN programs allow nurses to continue gaining valuable experience as a nurse while preparing for the next step in their career. Almost any NP will tell you that their experience as an RN boosts their judgment and critical thinking as an NP. Nurse practitioners also benefit from the excellent communication skills and confidence that come from working as an RN. Confidence and communication skills are both qualities that improve with experience.

Explore Nurse Practitioner Specialties

The flexibility of an online MSN program also affords nurses time to explore various healthcare specialties while taking the program’s general courses. Many nurses enter an online MSN program with a specialty or subspecialty in mind that they they’d like to pursue, but few actually do. It’s certainly possible to change specialties after becoming a nurse practitioner, but this usually requires additional classes and certification. While studying online, nurses can get a head start pursuing their MSN, and also have the time to work in different specialties to find the perfect fit.

Spring Arbor University’s BSN to MSN program is designed with students’ success in mind. Students enjoy taking only one course at a time, and receive individual support and guidance from their personal Success Coach. Become part of the rapidly growing community of nurse practitioners that is revolutionizing the way health care is provided. There is no better time than now to advance your nursing career and become a nurse practitioner!