How to Become a Wise Communicator

How do we become wise communicators?

One way is to cultivate patterns of virtuous communication. For instance, to grow in humility and have your communication reflect that humility, you don't just read books or theories about humility and then work up the willpower one day to be humble - if only it were that easy.

Instead, you find ways to humble yourself. So every now and then, you kneel before the Lord when you pray each day. Maybe you examine your speech and talk in humble ways, paying attention to how much time you talk about yourself in a boastful manner. It's through this kind of toggling back and forth between critical self-reflection and practice that you begin to put in the place, a set of counter practices to address your lack of humility.

This kind of transformation takes time, and practice, and persistence, but it will help you serve others and love your neighbors more faithfully.

- Robert Woods, Jr. Professor of Communication Spring Arbor University