A Book to Help You Fulfill God’s Call to Live in Love

Gen X has a unique experience of the cultural shifts affecting how the church works in the world. Computers, consumerism, mass media and more have had a dramatic transformative affect on our society. In the book, Generation Rising: A future of hope for the United Methodist Church, the stability of real, authentic community in a digital world is examined as it pertains to God’s call to live in love and connection to one another. A collaboration of twelve Gen X authors, it offers a vision of what the United Methodist Church could be, if we will faithfully respond to the call God continues to give us, and where our very identity as disciples will never be separated from the community God calls us to join. It fills the gap between ancient paths of faithfulness and the voice of the younger generation “by casting a vision for the church’s future by United Methodists who fall into the Generation X category – men and women born between 1961 and 1981.” In other words, the age group to which the church is increasingly looking for leadership.