3 Solid Reasons to Get an MBA

Gain the competency and character you need for global market success
Gain the competency and character you need for global market success

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes. It’s a rough economy. There are a lot of qualified people looking for jobs. In short, it’s a hiring manager’s market. If two resumes were to come across your desk – one touting a Bachelor’s degree, the other a Master’s, which candidate would you put at the top of your pile?

According to Forbes, your tuition investment in an MBA degree program will be paid back with a significant pay increase of nearly double what you were making before earning your MBA. But an MBA offers more than just financial benefits.

Here are three additional reasons to get an MBA:

1. A Bigger Career Path

You may have advanced very quickly in your career, only to find yourself unprepared to lead in your new responsibilities. An MBA is a great way to gain confidence in your new position; it also will assuage any fears your employer may have about promoting you any further, because it shows you are passionate about doing what it takes to further grow and develop your leadership skills.

2. A Broader Horizon

It’s a big world out there. If your career to date has been focused on your little corner of the U.S., an MBA will propel you to consider business on the world state. It also will give you valuable lessons you will never be able to learn from the cockpit of your cubical.

3. A Larger Network

People like to recommend and hire people they know. In addition to the potential to develop lifelong friendships, an MBA program is a great way to develop strong relationships with fellow grads that can personally recommend you to potential employers.

According to Eric Jackson, Contributor to Forbes, “These friends are more than just good people. They’re likely to go on to be successful in their specialty of business that they focus in. They’ll be sounding boards for you in the future. Friends of their friends will probably be potentially invaluable contacts for you down the line.”

As you can see, the benefits of earning an online MBA go much deeper than achieving a higher salary. It will give you more self-confidence, increase other’s confidence in you, and broaden your professional network.