Natalie Magnusson, MSFL Cohort # 4

The most powerful component of the MSFL was the residency experience, and I am convinced most all of my peers would say the same. I started the program in the fall and interacted with my cohort and professors for a semester before meeting anyone. I enjoyed my experience but felt that the engagement and interaction was lacking. We were essentially strangers to one another. The time together at the first residency, and the following two, was invaluable. I will always remember our time sharing and praying with one another daily, the conversations that happen only in the leisure of having a meal together, harmoniously worshiping with Christians coming from a variety of traditions, sharing the Eucharist together, and having the opportunity to receive wisdom not found in the books of the most esteemed writers on spiritual formation.

When I share about my experience in the MSFL with friends, family, and acquaintances, I talk primarily about the residencies and the powerful work that God does in the lives of students through them. It is an experience worth having, and I hope others will have the opportunity to have as well.