How to become a writer

How to become a writer

The communication field blossoms with wide-open opportunities. The types of careers are as varied as they are numerous. From technical and creative to editorial and authorial, the creative possibilities for a talented writer can be rewarding.


Writers develop written content for various mediums including magazines, books, advertisements, movie and television scripts, and online publications. Writers and authors typically perform the following:
  • Choose subject matter that interests readers
  • Conduct research to obtain factual information and verify details
  • Write fiction or nonfiction through scripts, novels and biographies
  • Write advertising copy for use by newspapers, magazines, broadcasts and the Internet
  • Work with editors and clients to draft writing material for publication
  • Present drafts to editors and clients for feedback

Average salaries

Writers with a master’s degree can expect to earn approximately $58,850 annually, with projected job growth in their field at 3% to 7% through 2022.

Work environment

Those in a writing career may experience a more flexible work environment than most other fields. You may be able to work at home or wherever else you have access to a computer. Most writers work full time in an office. Self-employed and freelance writers can work part time or have flexible schedules.

College degree

Master of Arts in Communication from Spring Arbor University Online can equip you to advance to a management writing position in your current organization or secure a new career in writing.