How to become a publicist

How to become a publicist

The field of communications is filled with interesting careers, and new communication categories are growing. If you have a knack for influencing people and great writing skills, a publicist career might be an ideal path for you.


On a typical day, a publicist might be scheduling public appearances for clients, writing press releases or acting as a spokesperson for their clients. Publicists regularly perform the following:
  • Respond to inquiries from the media with the appropriate information
  • Compose press releases and other media communications to promote clients
  • Plan development of communication programs to maintain favorable public images
  • Coordinate the logistics for productions or events

Average salaries

Publicists with a master’s degree can expect to earn approximately $55,680 annually with projected job growth in their field at 8% to 14% through 2022.

Work environment

Publicists most often work in an office environment during regular office hours, but some may be able to work remotely from home or another site. Some travel may be required to coordinate events or to meet a client’s needs in other locales.

College degree

You can design your publicist career through a Master of Arts in Communication from Spring Arbor University. The online program is ideal for those wanting to advance their career or get into the field.