How to become an operations research analyst

How to become an operations research analyst

As technology advances and companies seek efficiency and cost savings, demand for managers in the Operations Research Analysis field is on the rise. The surge in growth is expected to continue with a bright outlook for those with an MBA.


Operations research analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations investigate complex issues, identify and solve problems, and make better decisions. Operations research analysts typically perform the following:
  • Formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other optimizing methods to develop and interpret information that assists management with decision-making, policy formulation, or other managerial functions
  • Collect and analyze data and develop decision support software, services, or products
  • Develop and supply optimal time, cost, or logistics networks for program evaluation, review, or implementation

Average salaries

Operations research analysts with an MBA can expect to earn approximately $76,660 annually. The job outlook through 2022 is much stronger than average—the demand for operations research analysts is expected to grow by 27% through 2022.

Work environment

Operations research analysts spend most of their time in offices. Almost all operations research analysts work full time.

College degree

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