How to become a nursing consultant

How to become a nursing consultant

Becoming a nurse consultant requires that after you earn your RN license, you complete further education to expand your knowledge and specialize in your chosen field of consulting.


Nursing consultants advise individuals, companies or health care institutes in matters of health care that require a comprehensive overview of both nursing and administrative matters. Nursing consultants often perform the following:
  • Legal nurse consulting enables you to work with legal firms to define and interpret medical cases often involving workers’ compensation or medical malpractice cases
  • Corporate nurse consulting can involve developing medical devices, drugs and software pertaining to the health care industry
  • Health care education consulting allows you to work within the health care industry to help with the development of health care programs for new nurse training programs

Average salaries

Nurse consultants’ salaries can vary according to the industry they work in and level of experience they have.A new nurse consultant with less than one year of experience can earn between $50,048 and $81,094. Job growth in nursing and health care consulting is expected to grow faster than other occupations.

Work environment

In addition to health care organizations, legal organizations that require nursing advice, insurance companies and corporations that develop health care instruments or materials often hire nursing consultants to advise on projects.

College degree

The nursing consultant profession is a great way for registered nurses to earn more money while working a more flexible schedule. Nurses who get into the consulting field must have at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Spring Arbor University offers an online RN-BSN program. Learn more now.