How to become a management consultant

How to become a management consultant

The field of management consulting is wide open with possibilities for those equipped with a Masters of Business Administration degree. Consultants delve into ways to improve an organization's efficiency. They are responsible for informing managers on how to make organizations more profitable through reduced costs and increased revenues.


Management consultants conduct organizational studies and evaluations to assist management in operating more efficiently. Management consultants typically perform the following:
  • Design systems and procedures
  • Conduct work simplification and measurement studies
  • Prepare operations and training manuals
  • Prepare research reports
  • Ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures

Average salaries

A Management consultant’s median salary is $78,600 per year.  Job growth in consulting on a management level is expected to grow faster than average at 19% through 2022.

Work environment

Often travel is involved in a management consultant position with managers typically conducting work in an office setting. Many management consultants put in long hours.

College degree

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