How to become a human resource manager

How to become a human resource manager

Human resource manager positions require a person with integrity, confidentiality and a high level of interpersonal interaction. These managers are employed in nearly every industry.


Typical human resource managers supervise every aspect of employee relations within an organization. They evaluate and formulate policies that relate to company personnel. Human resource managers typically perform the following:
  • Oversee recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff
  • Manage the preparation of employment records related to hiring, transfers, promotions and terminations
  • Interpret and explain human resource procedures and ensure adherence to regulations
  • Address employee relations such as harassment allegations and work complaints
  • Consult with top executives on human resource strategic planning

Average salaries

Job growth for human resource managers through 2022 is predicted to be 13%, and competition for jobs will be high. Opportunities within the private sector will be the most numerous. Managers in the human resource field can expect salaries of $99,720 per year.

Work environment

In addition to working in office settings within organizations during regular business hours, human resource managers may need to travel to professional meetings or to recruit and interview employees.

College degree

Spring Arbor University offers an online Master of Business Administration program, which can lead to a position as a human resource manager. Learn more now.