How to become an executive compensation consultant

How to become an executive compensation consultant

Professionals need a combination of advanced education and related work experience to become a Compensation Consultant at the executive level.


These executive level professionals are relied upon to carefully manage the company’s employment compensation.A mix of planning, directing and coordinating is required for executive compensation consultants to determine how much a company pays its employees. Executive compensation consultants typically perform the following:
  • Set pay structure within a company and its determine its benefit offerings
  • Evaluate employee benefits and choose outside partners such as investment brokers and health insurance benefits vendors
  • Oversee the distribution of employee pay and benefits
  • Prepare program budgets and keep operations within budget

Average salaries

Executive compensation consultants with Master’s degree can expect to earn approximately $108,070 annually, with a projected job growth in their field at 3-7%.

Work environment

Executive compensation consultants work in nearly every industry. They normally work in an office and are supported by a staff. A 40-hour week is typical.

College degree

Earning a Masters of Business Administration at Spring Arbor University Online can provide the advanced business knowledge and training that employers seek in an executive compensation consultant.