Are you passionate about your independence? You should become an entrepreneur

Are you passionate about your independence? You should become an entrepreneur

Are you interested in starting your own company or pursuing a career at a startup? There are limitless career opportunities available for those who desire entrepreneurship. Whether you are launching it as your second career, or jumping feet first into owning your own business for the first time, entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the U.S. Economy.


An entrepreneur’s daily responsibilities vary greatly and they wear many hats, but they typically perform the following:

  • Direct, plan, and implement the organization’s operations to maximize return on investments and increase productivity
  • Develop marketing strategy based on knowledge of company objectives, market characteristics and cost factors
  • Direct the hiring, training and performance evaluations of the staff
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and identify new business opportunities

Average salaries

Salary ranges for entrepreneurs can fluctuate depending on their passion for growth and risk. A 2015 study from American Express OPEN revealed that small business owners are paying themselves a regular salary of $68,000 annually. Depending on the industry and the degree of involvement of the entrepreneur within the business, salaries can vary widely.

Work environment

Small businesses and service consulting typically are the entry point for entrepreneurs as they build a customer base. From retail stores and health care clinics, to home-based offices, there are a host of job options that have proven successful for aspiring entrepreneurs including personal financial managers, public relations specialists, career counselors, and temporary employment agencies.

College degree

A Master of Business Administration from Spring Arbor University Online can equip you with the advanced education you need to launch your entrepreneurial business. Learn more now.