How to become a director of operations

How to become a director of operations

Professionals need a combination of advanced education and related work experience to join the operational management career field on the executive level. These executive level professionals are relied upon to plan and direct activities in a public or private sector organization and keep businesses profitable.


A director of operations carefully manages the daily operations of an organization, from production to human resources. As businesses continue to expand in the coming years, demand for these executives will increase. Director of operations professionals typically perform the following:
  • Execute financial forecasts
  • Develop tools to control expenses
  • Oversee personnel management
  • Oversee production of goods or delivery of services
  • Supervise various departments such as human resources, accounting and sales

Average salaries

Director of operations professionals with a master’s degree can expect to earn approximately $95,440 annually, with projected job growth in their field at 11% through 2022.

Work environment

Director of operations professionals work in a wide range of industries. They normally work in an office and are supported by a staff. A 40-hour week is standard. Travel to satellite facilities may be required.

College degree

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