How to become a director of marketing or a director of advertising

How to become a director of marketing or a director of advertising

Directors of Marketing or Advertising can work in a wide range of industries as well as within marketing or advertising agencies. Marketing and advertising are the catalysts of sales, business development and brand identity.


Advertising, promotions and marketing continue to be essential for organizations as they seek to maintain and expand their share of the market. Market and Advertising Directors typically perform the following:
  • Plan and coordinate the marketing policies or advertising and branding programs for an organization
  • Identify potential customers and how to best reach them
  • Analyze data to inform operational activities and evaluate program effectiveness
  • Oversee product development and monitor trends
  • Supervise employees including marketing or advertising staff

Average salaries

Directors of Marketing or Advertising with a master’s degree can expect to earn approximately $124,105 annually.

Work environment

An office environment where Directors can interact with staff and oversee responsibilities is most often the environment for advertising and marketing. Most Directors work full time during regular business hours, but advertising and marketing deadlines may demand working more than 40 hours a week.

College degree

With Spring Arbor University's online program, you can earn a Master of Arts in Communication to gain the necessary skills to advance to a Director of Marketing or Advertising position in your current organization or secure a new career.