How to become a chief marketing officer

How to become a chief marketing officer

Companies today are making room for an extra member in their “C” suite: the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Organizations have realized the potential of marketing to ensure financial success and are seeking qualified professionals in the field to lead their endeavors.


The CMO most often reports to the Chief Executive Officer and is in charge of conducting a company’s marketing strategy. The position requires an in-depth knowledge about customers and markets with the reasonability to point a company in the right direction to achieve growth. CMOs typically perform the following:
  • Direct, plan and implement policies and activities of organizations to ensure continued marketing operations, maximized returns on investments or increased productivity
  • Develop marketing strategy based on knowledge of company objectives, market characteristics and cost factors
  • Direct the hiring, training and performance evaluations of the marketing staff
  • Create pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction

Average salaries

CMOs with a master’s degree can expect to earn approximately $155,269 annually.

Work environment

Most CMOs have a private office and may work many hours, including evenings and weekends. A CMO has one of the most demanding jobs out there and often it will demand immediate results. Travel is common. The position requires skills such as creativity, communication, analysis, leadership and the ability to meet deadlines.

College degree

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