How to Apply

How to Apply

Apply now

Apply now for one of SAU Online's associate, accelerated bachelor's, or master's degree programs. To get started, click the "Apply Now" button below. We'll walk you through the process step-by-step.     SAU Online is the online learning delivery vehicle for Spring Arbor University. Through SAU Online, you can pursue your degree while benefiting from the ease and convenience of online education. We have a wide range of online majors and programs for high school, undergraduate or graduate students. SAU Online offers compelling and comprehensive coursework, a Christ-centered, faith-based approach to education, and top-notch professors who are trained to teach via the Internet.

High school dual enrollment

Are you a high schooler looking to get a head start on your college education? Considering enrolling in our dual enrollment program. Learn more by clicking on the link below:

Nondegree-seeking applicants

We realize there are some students who might wish to take a few classes at SAU just for the sake of learning, without becoming a full-time student. If you fall into that category, please fill out the form below. Once complete, please send it to SAU Online. You can email it to James Weidman. Please call 800.968.0011 with questions.