Ordering your textbooks for online courses

As an online student, you are expected to have possession of required textbook(s) by the first day of class.  SAU Online is pleased to partner with MBS Direct as a textbook provider.

To order textbooks and course materials with convenience and accuracy, follow these steps:

1. Access our Virtual Bookstore at: http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/springarbor.htm
2. Click, “Order Your Books.”
3. Select your Term and Program; continue.
4. Select the courses in which you are enrolled.
5. When you finish selecting your books, click, “Add Items & View Cart.”
6. Review your selections at the bottom of the page and click, “Proceed to Checkout”.
7. You must create or sign into an account you set up previously with MBS.
8. Confirm your shipping address.
9. Select your shipping method.
10. Select your method of payment and enter all information required to complete the transaction.
11. Once you click “Finalize Order” your order will be submitted for shipment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your MBS order, please contact (800) 325-3252, or (573) 441-9179 for International Customers. You can also visit: http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/springarbor.htm and click on the “Support” tab in the upper right corner.

NOTE:  Students are welcome to order textbooks from an outside vendor; however, Spring Arbor University and SAU Online are not responsible for any errors which may occur with other vendors.

Ordering online textbooks with financial aid

If you have an anticipated credit balance resulting from financial aid, you may request funds to help cover the cost of your books for ONLINE courses.  Funds will be released through your Higher One account, so please make sure your account has been activated.  The amounts available to be released are:

$30 per online credit hour for undergraduate programs
$55 per online credit hour for graduate programs

To request funds for books, please email your student account coordinator or contact the Business Office at (517) 750-6420 for more information.  Name and Student ID number are required with the request.  Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.