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Why Earn An MBA With a Management Concentration?

Employees with solid educational backgrounds can increase their employability in today’s highly competitive workforce. Good job prospects, incremental salary increases and great networking opportunities are all on the horizon for graduates of an online MBA in Management. Out of all the postgraduate degree courses available, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Management concentration has a respectable niche when the issues of employability and career growth sustainability arise. Below are five reasons that make pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Management concentration a good idea.

1. Increment in Salary

Students or employees who possess an online MBA in management can anticipate earning a salary that is slightly above average. Though the average median salary for graduates who possess degree in Arts is around $36,237, graduates who possess degree in Business earn $49,035 on the average. Potential employees with an MBA degree with a Management concentration can anticipate earning $95,000 when they start working. This means graduates with an MBA degree with a Management concentration earn twice the amount that graduates who possess an undergraduate degree in business earn.

2. Top Notch Job Prospects

Graduates of MBA programs with a Management concentration are normally able to secure employment fairly easily. According to research conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in 2013, graduates from MBA programs enjoyed an unequalled 95 percent rate of employment. A worldwide survey of 179 employers conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in 2015 reveals that 85 percent of employers are not planning to stop employing MBA graduates.

When contemplating whether to pursue an online MBA with a Management concentration, one must consider the good job prospects and the above-average salary. Although investment in an MBA with a Management concentration may look like an expensive venture, the advantages outweigh the costs. In a 2012 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Alumni Perspectives Survey (which sampled the opinions of 4,135 MBA alumni), MBA graduates disclosed that in less than a year after graduating, they had recovered a third of the amount they invested in the acquisition of their degree. They also stated that they recovered 100 percent of their investment in less than four years. Even more interestingly, many MBA degree holders stated that they were able to double the return on their Master’s Degree investment in under 10 years.

3. Continual Networking Opportunities

Online MBA with a Management concentration graduates also experience unparalleled and long-lasting networking opportunities. Generally, MBAs attract the interest of leadership-oriented people who will later work for profitable companies. The educational environment is also littered with numerous world-class professors and many professionals who interact with students regularly. These professors and professionals can be good assets when graduates are looking for jobs.

4. An All Encompassing Skill Set

An MBA with a Management concentration attracts many students from various educational disciplines. This unique concentration of people with different abilities produces a productive knowledge acquisition environment that offers students first-rate analytical, networking, managerial, research and leadership skills to equip them for job opportunities.

5. An Investment In Your Future

An online MBA with a Management concentration appeals to people who find it extremely difficult to strike a balance between job and family responsibilities while enrolling for a degree. It offers the same advantages that regular MBA degrees offer.


Many degree holders have resolved to pursue postgraduate degrees in a bid to increase their earning capabilities and take their career to the next level. An online MBA with a Management concentration  is a very good choice if you want to increase your chances of growing a successful and highly remunerative career in a highly-competitive labor market.


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