What Does a Financial Consultant Do?

What Does a Financial Consultant Do?

Spring Arbor University’s online MBA program offers its students a remarkable return on investment: an impressive, accredited program that still offers the economic efficiencies of online education for the modern professional. This aspect is particularly compelling for students pursuing a career in the financial realm. This article highlights – the role of financial consultant – one of the more popular finance-related professions — to showcase how Spring Arbor University’s online MBA can help its students achieve it.

The Role of Financial Consultant

First things first: what does it mean to be a financial consultant? How is it different from a financial advisor? The simple answer is that there is little difference between the two roles. Financial consultants and financial advisors both offer clients valuable insights into how they can save for their life goals. They can prove invaluable in the planning of individual savings for college or retirement. They can also assist in the development and curation of the retirement and insurance packages of organizations. The ability to work with numerous clients keeps the professional landscape for financial consultants diverse and dynamic, which means the role rarely becomes mundane.

The Perks of the Position

The ongoing excitement that financial consultant positions can provide is paired, in the current market, with some impressive salaries and good signs for growth in the field. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS) states, for example, that the median salary for personal financial advisors in 2016 was $90,640. Figures from Payscale.com suggest that senior financial advisors can easily reach salaries in the six digits, with total pay for some in the field reaching more than $170,000. In addition, the same USBLS data set forecasts a much faster than average growth in available financial advisor jobs, with the potential of more than 40,000 new positions being added to the job market between 2016 and 2026.

Why such monumental growth? Staffing agencies like Robert Half suggest this growth is owed to the combination of the crucial nature of a financial consultant’s work combined with the major perks of the position. These include high pay, but they also afford executives a level of scheduling flexibility that a traditional corporate financial position cannot provide. This means more professionals are embracing these consultancy roles, but competition to achieve them will be steep.

Setting Yourself Apart with Spring Arbor University

It is in this competitive market that the Spring Arbor MBA program becomes increasingly important. The credentials of the MBA alone can be a good foundation to compete for financial consultancy positions, but the innovative curriculum that Spring Arbor University provides can allow for the exceptional combination of expert education and on-the-job experience. The Spring Arbor University online MBA offers a flexible, completely online program that allows students to continue working while enrolled. Spring Arbor University’s MBA candidates can learn in the classroom and then immediately apply that new-found knowledge to their professional role, thereby enhancing their potential for success. This powerful combination means that Spring Arbor graduates can offer a compelling case to potential employers among a sea of qualified candidates. With both MBA and professional experience featured on a student’s resume, graduates from Spring Arbor University can stand out from the pack.

Of even greater benefit for those seeking a career as a financial consultant is that Spring Arbor University’s online MBA offers fundamental courses in finance and accounting alongside specialized programs in Organizational Consulting or Management, among others. These tracks aim to cultivate the key principles of business management while also fostering a deep appreciation for the skill sets that can make professionals — like financial consultants — the most successful. These various elements all combine to showcase Spring Arbor University’s online MBA as a satisfying springboard to a successful business career. Capitalize on Spring Arbor University’s exceptional online MBA program and tap into an ideal track toward a career in financial consulting.

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