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Nurses Fight Heart Disease

The Role of Nurses in Fighting Heart Disease

February is heart disease awareness month. During the month, health organizations across the country encourage Americans to make small changes that can have a large impact. For example, people are encouraged to use spices instead of salt, school teachers are encouraged to include more physical activity in students’ schedules and medical professionals are reminded to […]

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4 Problems Nurses Face in the Hospital in 2018

Nursing is one of the hottest professions around the world. Registered nurses take on several different roles in hospitals, clinics, family practices and specialized health organizations to ensure the overall health of patients while assisting doctors by completing various medical and administrative tasks. While there are more people entering the nursing field, nurses are facing […]

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nursing resumes

Resume Tips for Nurses

When it comes to nursing resumes, the most important component is a clear explanation of qualifications. The resume should highlight qualifications in terms of education as well as work experience. Nurses who have advanced education credentials stand the best chance of obtaining an interview and receiving an employment offer with a high salary. Stress Continuing […]

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social determinants of health

Understanding the social determinants of health

As medical research continues to explore the biology of adversity, both chronic mental and physical stress have been established to take a severe toll on an individual’s health. Many of these stresses can be defined as “social determinants of health.” These are health-related social circumstances that include inadequate housing, poor  nutrition, unreliable transportation, a lack […]

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Nursing Social Media - Infographic

Six social networking rules for nurses

As a nurse, it is your duty to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. Below are six principles for social networking for nurses from the American Nurses Association (ANA). 1. Nurses must not transmit or place online individually identifiable patient information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule mandates that all patients have […]

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Clinical Preceptors in Spring Arbor University Online RN-MSN/NP or MSN/NP Programs

Nine tips to finding a clinical preceptor

As a Spring Arbor University online RN-MSN/NP or online MSN/NP student, you have the opportunity to secure your own clinical preceptor in your hometown – no travel required! Clinical preceptors provide personal teaching opportunities that are critical to your preparation, but it takes a bit of research and legwork to find a good match. Here are […]

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