SAU Online - Summer Motivation

Students – Stay Motivated Over the Summer

The summer is here and that means sunshine, swimming pools and barbecues. However, spending three months away from your nursing studies has the potential to stunt your academic and intellectual development. Students who stay mentally engaged and stimulated during the summer months continue to grow, and find it is much easier to segue back into […]

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Online BSW - Top 5 Qualities blog header

Top 5 Qualities of an Effective Social Worker

An effective social worker is many things to many clients. At times, the social worker might serve as a supportive sounding board to help clients work through issues or situations; at other times, the job might entail being able to connect an individual or family with much-needed housing or service provision. The key to being […]

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Online MSN benefits - blog header

Benefits of Pursuing an Online MSN

Thinking about furthering your nursing career? Unsure if a master’s degree is right for you? Wondering how an online nursing program can help you achieve your dreams? Although nurses can have rewarding careers with an RN or BSN degree, those with an MSN degree have a greater abundance of opportunities available to them. According to […]

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Best Books for Social Work Majors

Top 5 Books for Social Work Majors

Want to get an idea of what to expect when entering the field of social work with your online BSW? Do a little research. There are some excellent resources, books and guides that will outline your responsibilities, roles and scope of practice — they could inspire you to pursue a bachelors in social work. The five […]

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Employer-Desired Qualities You Gain from an MBA Program Blog Header

Employer-Desired Qualities You Gain from an MBA Program

  The average student who enrolls in an MBA or other degree program is looking for, quite frankly, career advancement. In the case of the “typical” student attending college immediately after high school, that means a competitive advantage when they eventually enter the workforce. The student who is already employed and enrolling in an online […]

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