Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month

Ways to Express Your Appreciation During “Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month”

Writers and editors make the world a better place. This is especially true in many workplaces, where countless throngs of dedicated scribes toil endlessly to choose just the right phrase or determine the proper punctuation to make your organization look its best.

Wordsmiths protect you from making ridiculous mistakes that could embarrass your company. They are there to correct you when you say you are nauseous, which means you make other people sick, when you really mean to say you are nauseated. They’re there to oversee the correct usage of they’re, there and their. They are also around to remind you that, though the English language may be difficult, you can understand it through tough thorough thought.

Editors, writers, proofreaders and others with a communication background make a real contribution to the workplace. They help coworkers communicate with each other and with other departments and the outside world in a clear and meaningful way. Effective communication improves relationships between coworkers and supervisors, reduces conflicts and misunderstandings, and helps companies be more profitable.

Good writing and editing helps your company or institution come across as competent, credible and capable. Writers communicate your brand message in a clear, accurate and engaging way that attracts the right kind of interest in your organization. Editors proofread the material, check facts, correct errors and spruce up the content.

They prevent you from using too much punctuation, such as commas or ellipses that can make, you sound, like … William Shatner.

Scientists are just now beginning to understand Post-Grammatic Stress Disorder (PGSD), a condition that afflicts a growing number of writers and editors – especially those subjected to public posts on the internet.

The increasing use of social media for content marketing has caused the number of PGSD cases to skyrocket as writers and editors try to squeeze brand messaging into 140 characters or fewer while maintaining good grammar and correct spelling. Editors are especially hard-hit; many enlist in the grammar police until the overwhelming number of grammar errors and misspellings force early retirement.

Fortunately, you can help your local word doctors by showing your heartfelt gratitude for all their literary work during Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month this September.

How to Express Your Gratitude During Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month

  • Use a spell-checker whenever you have to write something for your organization. No, really: Use a spell-checker during the month of September and take a load off your editor. It’s like having a miniature editor inside your computer that helps you spell “definitely,” “separate,” “necessary” and all the other words you have misspelling all these years.
  • Avoid using “unnecessary” quotation marks. Putting quotes around words like “doctor,” “food” or “friend” can change the entire meaning of a sentence.
  • Stop Abusing Capital Letters By Capitalizing Every Word In The Sentence, or, even worse, by capitalizing just a Few Words here and There.
  • Offer to clean the desk of your favorite writer or editor. Shake the breadcrumbs and potato chips out of the keyboard, and free any keys stuck in place by the latest coffee spill. Restock desk drawers with a fresh supply of snacks to keep your literary hero happy.
  • Acknowledge the real pain a writer or editor feels when fighting the urge to correct the “10 Items or Less” sign at the grocery store and other grammatical sins. Gently remind your coworker that it is impolite – and a misdemeanor – to deface another person’s property with a red pen, even if it is to improve the grammar of a stranger.
  • Buy extra-large mugs and super-strong coffee for your writing and editing staff. Writers and editors work best – and are most agreeable – when fully caffeinated.
  • Perhaps the best way to express your appreciation during Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month is to say, “Thank you.” No, wait … chocolate! Chocolate is the best way to show your appreciation!

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