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Why Choose a Strategic Leadership Focused MBA?

Business professionals recognize the value of a master’s in business administration degree. The MBA degree is the graduate-level program that provides people with an opportunity to develop further expertise in business practices while specializing in a niche area of business. Those who want to pursue an MBA degree often have a specific goal in mind, […]

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Social Work Credentials and Employment Information for the state of Michigan

Many health professions have different requirements and expectations based on state jurisdiction, and social work is no different. Understanding educational requirements, licensure, duties and expectations is essential for future social workers. To learn more about obtaining social work credentials and other info related to social work in the state of Michigan, read below. What are […]

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The Nursing Shortage and What You Need to Know

What do I need to know about the nursing shortage? Those in, or thinking about joining, the nursing profession frequently wonder about job stability. Perhaps you’ve heard talk of a looming healthcare crisis as the American population ages. What does this mean for you? Currently, nursing is the largest health profession in the United States. […]

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5 Key Communication Concepts

Effective communication is one of the most crucial skills needed to succeed in today’s busy business world. Ideas are great, inventions can change lives, but without the ability to effectively communicate to potential consumers or corporations it will be nearly impossible to see those initial concepts come to fruition. Spring Arbor University’s online Master of […]

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What Courses Will I Take in the Online MBA Program?

Whether you have been working in the business field for the last 10 years or you have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree, it’s always a good time to consider an online MBA program. With a master’s of business administration degree, you will be qualified for many leadership positions at different types of business organizations. […]

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What Courses Will I Take in the RN-MSN Program?

An RN to MSN bridge program provides registered nurses with an opportunity to pursue advanced nursing positions and opportunities, such as becoming a nurse practitioner or specializing in a specific field, like adult gerontology. Through this type of program, students will learn more about complex and advanced nursing topics, and will focus on developing specialized […]

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4 Problems Nurses Face in the Hospital in 2018

Nursing is one of the hottest professions around the world. Registered nurses take on several different roles in hospitals, clinics, family practices and specialized health organizations to ensure the overall health of patients while assisting doctors by completing various medical and administrative tasks. While there are more people entering the nursing field, nurses are facing […]

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Online BSW Jobs

Non Traditional Jobs You Can Do With an Online BSW

There is a misconception that a Bachelor of Social Work is only good for one thing: social work! The truth is, the core curriculum and experiential practice that students receive during a Bachelor of Social Work program open up opportunities that stretch from non traditional social work jobs to extremely unexpected careers in a variety […]

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