Guest Student Details

Guest student application process

As a guest student seeking to take courses at SAU to transfer back to your college institution, you will not have an Admissions Representative.  You are responsible for submitting the MI Uniform Guest Student Application to your current college if you want to sign up for a course at SAU as a guest student.

Nondegree-seeking applicants

We realize there are some students who might wish to take a few classes at SAU just for the sake of learning, without becoming a full-time student. If you fall into that category, please fill out the form below. Once complete, please send it to SAU Online. You can email it to Jim Weidman. Please call 800.968.0011, ext. 1523 with questions.

Enrolling in courses

Once you have been accepted to enroll in a course, you’ll be given access to the MySAU portal. Once you’ve received that access, you need to check the MySAU portal to determine when the class you want is offered and that it is not full.  Go to, click on the Academics tab, select the level of course you need, the term you want to enroll, and SAUonline for the location.  Then you can search for the course you want to take by program.  If the course you want has the maximum number of students registered, the course is full and you cannot take that course.

Once you submit the Guest Student Application, our Registration & Records Office will process your request, sign you up for the course(s) you have indicated on the application, and mail you a schedule to confirm enrollment in the course(s) you want.

Tuition and financial aid

You will not be eligible for any type of financial aid and will be responsible for paying for the cost of tuition unless your current college is offering you financial aid to help cover the cost.  Once enrolled in a course, our Business Office will mail you a bill.