Adjustments for Loss of Income

We realize that these are challenging economic times for many families in Michigan and across the U.S., and are committed to doing what we can to assist you with finding all of the financial aid available.

When a FAFSA is completed, financial information is provided from the prior tax year which in this economy is often not reflective of an individual’s or family’s current financial picture. To assist in situations in which the current income may be less than the income on which the FAFSA was based, the government allows schools to use what is considered Professional Judgment to use current financial information. In fact, the U.S. Department of Education recently issued guidance that provides schools with some additional options for individuals who have been receiving unemployment benefits.

If your family has experienced a loss of income, we encourage you to contact your financial aid counselor to review your situation. We cannot guarantee that there will always be additional aid available; however, your financial aid counselor will be happy to review your situation.

Please note that minor changes in income do not typically impact aid eligibility.