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Earn Your Master’s In Education Online

Scholarship. Integrity. Christian ethics.

The online Master’s in Education program offered through the School of Education and SAU Online,  is planned to promote collaboration among education professionals and their communities and to meet the needs of candidates who are interested in professional growth and advancement in elementary, secondary, or special education.

School of Education Promise

The School of Education stands behind its promise to deliver an excellent education for its students through the SOE Promise.

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Objectives of the MA in Education program

  • To enhance the professional knowledge and skills of educators.
  • To enable participants to apply analytic, research, and advocacy skills to the solution of current problems faced by educators.
  • To provide educators with the opportunity to develop a sound basis for dealing with questions of ethics and values.
  • To provide educators with the opportunity to refresh and expand their liberal arts experiences.
  • To provide educators with the opportunity to acquire, refresh or expand their knowledge of the role of research in education.
  • To provide educators with the opportunity to develop the leadership skills necessary for developing collaboration among the constituencies in the local community and with state and national education professionals.
  • To equip educators to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population.
  • To prepare educators for new professional service and leadership roles.

Philosophy of School of Education’s Graduate Programs

Our Christian Master’s programs online stress integrity, respect for self and others, disciplined judgment, critical thinking, professional skills, and a Christian attitude. We seek to develop educators who demonstrate a high level of academic ability and display the effective interpersonal, collaborative, motivational, instructional and leadership skills required for the successful education professional. Our Master of Arts in Education program balances practical applications with theory and research. Students can develop the attitudes and skills necessary to improve their performance in current positions or to move into new career positions.

The online Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for those who wish to obtain a master’s degree, complete an 18-hour planned program for the Michigan Professional Certificate, meet re-certification requirements, or broaden or refresh their knowledge in areas of professional education.

The Effective Teaching Model

Course goals in the graduate degree programs are based on the conceptual framework of the effective teaching model of the School of Education of Spring Arbor University.

The School of Education’s Effective Teaching Model contains six integrated elements centered around the integration of faith and learning. The elements are designed to enhance four overarching professional goals.  The domains of the knowledge base used for this model are as follows:

Content Knowledge

SOE graduate students acquire advanced content knowledge in educational practice through an MAE degree with a specific focus in instruction and curriculum or through an MAE degree with a specific focus in learning disabilities. Students in all SOE graduate programs examine and strengthen the basis for their personal and professional worldview and think critically to respond to critical issues in regular and special education, including ethical dilemmas and conflicting worldviews.

Management and Organization

SOE graduate students develop effective management and organization skills, including an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to establish communities of learners, positive social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation in the learner.


Graduate degree educators demonstrate methods of instruction that apply various theories of learning and human growth and development to the educational context and that incorporate appropriate use of instructional technologies in the classroom. Graduate students in these programs create meaningful instruction based on knowledge of the subject matter, the prior knowledge and experiences of the students, the values of the community and curriculum goals of the school district. Students also learn to use multiple technologies to enhance learning.


Graduate educators understand how students differ in their approaches to learning and create instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse populations of learners. Graduate students understand that culture, language, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, cognitive and physical abilities, and socioeconomic status impact learning and development in important ways. Inextricably connected to the issue of diversity is the matter of the exceptional child. The exceptional child is an inclusive term that refers to children with learning and/or behavior problems, children with physical disabilities, and children who are intellectually gifted. Students learn about issues of equity and how to develop an inclusive environment.


Today’s educators face a difficult tension: they must constantly reconsider the wisdom of traditional practice while giving fair consideration to new approaches. All learners need to have a clear understanding of how they will be assessed and then be shown models of excellence and rubrics that clarify how assessment will be conducted. Changing the traditional teacher-student interaction pattern with regard to the issue of assessment is no small task. SOE graduate students synthesize elements of traditional and new assessment techniques into coherent effective assessment strategies that advance the continuous intellectual, social, and physical development of the learner. Assessment includes student assessment and self-assessment.

Among other graduate degrees in education, Spring Arbor’s program is truly one-of-a-kind. To learn more, fill out the form on this page.